What small business owners can expect from 2012
In a recent article for MSN’s Business on Main, small business and entrepreneurship specialist Steve Strauss examined what 2012 likely has in store for small enterprises.

How To Embed YouTube Videos and Podcasts To Keep Readers on Your Blog
Using multimedia like video, audio and presentations are a fantastic way to promote products and get your point across to your audience.
Basic Blog Tips

3 reasons SMBs should care about Internet censorship
Summary: There is a lot more at stake than ‘just’ freedom of expression, so the small business community — especially those with a technology bent — need to stay abreast of this issue.
ZDNet (blog)

Five Profitable Businesses You’ve Never Thought Of
How are you going about making money? What if you could make money with some of your craziest ideas? Here are five of my favorite off-the-wall businesses.
Business Opportunities Weblog

Building a Business is Worth the Time
Make no mistake. Creating your own small business is hard work. But as you’ll see, there are rewards. Here are some tips, tools and trends to think about while taking the time you need to build your small business.
Small Business Trends

Why You Need Google Rating Stars and How to Set Them Up
There are WordPress plugins that will make ratings widgets appear on your posts and pages and allow  users to rate or vote on your content.  This shows engagement on your site, and if you’re lucky, those ratings will get picked up by Google and other search engines.

No easy road: Running a small business takes time, time, time
Running a small business can be a tough proposition in a good economy, much less a difficult one. Three local, successful small business owners give their views on what it takes.

The Hidden Costs of Social Media
Marketing tactics including networking are an important part of marketing your brand. However in one way or another you need to ask the question of what is the return you are getting for your efforts.
M4B Marketing

Four tax-related New Year’s resolutions for a small business owner
Many small business owners are looking over their yearly ledgers and see a substantial tax liability. Spending money on new equipment, massive upgrades and employee bonuses might not be feasible for small businesses.
Redlands Daily Facts

Tips to help get cash for your small business
Around half of small companies can’t persuade their bank to cough up the cash they need to start up or expand. Many are refused because the banks are cautious, even though they should be helping kick-start the economy.

The Big List: The Best and Worst Startup Stuff In 2011
It’s time to review the past year, so without apology for personal taste, here’s my list of the best (and a few of the worst) of 2011.

3 Things You Should Know About Small Business
Streamlining government agencies is good for small business.

Managing Finances for Business Success
According to the US Small Business Administration, only one out of every two new start-ups survives after the first five years of business. That means that half fail, many times due to financial missteps.
Sacramento Bee

Women Professionals Rate 6 Biggest Mistakes Made When Marketing to Women
Women small business professionals from three countries were polled to find the top 6 mistakes made by businesses when marketing to women.
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

Ralph Lauren, Danny Meyer and Whole Foods Offer Business Advice at NRF
Standing out from big business presents a large challenge to many small-business owners, but those who are able to do so can experience large returns.

3 Successful Small Business Cause Marketing Campaigns
When a large business rolls out a cause marketing campaign the consumer can’t escape it–there is a barrage of print, TV and web ads, but how is a small business to get the word out?
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