Small business spotlight: Data warehousing firm finds recipe for success
The decision could tear any partnership apart: The staff at DataFactZ was forced to take a pay cut.
The Detroit News

Social Media Trends for Small Businesses
Anita shares how social media impacts small businesses. You’ll discover which small businesses are slow to adopt social media and where social media brings the best results.
Social Media Examiner (video)

Hiring for attitude, not experience
Studies show experience alone is not the best criteria in hiring. Herb Greenberg joins Jim Blasingame to discuss tapping into non-traditional talent – hire for who the person is, not just what they’ve done.
The Small Business Advocate (audio)

Small business owners turning to the Square to accept credit card payments
The small business owners are using a device called the Square to accept credit card payments from customers. The wireless device attaches to iPads…iPhones…and Droids…and works with a free app.

Small Business Software Review: Fishbowl Inventory 2012
To be clear, Fishbowl Inventory 2012 is a small business asset management system — that is to say an inventory management system — that automates inventory functions and processes.
Small Business Computing

How to Get Facebook Fans
But how do you find, keep, and engage these fans? Manger has some advice about this perennial Facebook dilemma.
American Express OPEN Forum

Small Business Exporting Advice on Foreign Operations
For small business exporters, it is therefore crucial to receive advice and support from business partners. Two of the most important relationships they will likely form are with a freight forwarder and a foreign distributer…
International Business Times

Small Business Strategic Planning: a Process for Success and Survival
The small business strategic planning process has two essential elements: devising a strategy and changing it when necessary.
International Business Times

‘Small’ IT Market Attracts Big Companies
The small-business help desk is going corporate, with initiatives from companies like Apple Inc. bringing new competition to independent consultants who typically handle the IT needs of US start-ups and small companies.
Wall Street Journal

Small Business Efficiency Expert Now Offering Free Resource to Help Business Owners Find Those Longed-for Extra Hours in Their Day

So many business ideas falter and business owners fatigue due to inefficient processes eating up valuable time. That’s why director of small business efficiency company The Heart Of, Nikki White, has created a comprehensive Effective Business Mindmap to guide business owners through re-thinking where they spend their limited hours.
PRWeb (press release)

Cloud Computing is Far More Than Just Technology
Cloud computing may be cutting edge technology, but the majority of people using it in the future won’t be tech junkies. So don’t treat them as such.

A Guide to Small Business Survival

Small business blogger survival guide. A big part of surviving as a small business blogger involves being a social animal. Here David Leonhardt gives every small business blogger some great resources to keep you, your business and your blog alive.
Business Insider

Why Online Reputation Matters to Small Business
You’re a small business owner. Most of your customers are the people who live within 25 miles of your storefront. Why does it even matter what the Internet has to say about your brand? That has no impact on your bottom line.
Small Business Trends

5 Ways to Use Other People’s Content in Your Marketing
You need lots of content, you know that, but you also know that content creation is one of the more time intensive marketing activities you have to tackle.
Duct Tape Marketing