Small business has long been the domain of Microsoft, but Google has been trying to chip away at that dominance with a wide variety of products and services geared towards SMB’s.

One area in particular that is heating up is cloud computing:

Then there’s the trendy “cloud wars.” Google not only has to lure the SMB crowd from Microsoft’s ecosystem, but it also has to fend off market share from cloud-based startup companies that are peddling some very sophisticated services to small businesses, like, Dimdim, and Dropbox.

These providers also can be just as price competitive as Google. For example, Google Apps Premier costs $50 per user per year, but you can get the same collaborative functionality from Zoho at the same price with the first three users free. Of course, with Google Apps Premier you get the ability to also host Web sites and wikis, but there are plenty of services out there that will allow a small business to do the same for free or for a nominal price, like Intuit’s Homestead, which is $4.99 per month.

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Cloud Computing: Google Versus Microsoft